Fillinger Foot Clinic
What we specialize in:

While we care for any ailment of the foot from toenail to talus (the bone that attaches to the ankle), Dr. Fillinger has advanced training in the surgical treatment of the foot.  Fortunately, most conditions do not require surgery to correct and simple methods can be used to get relief.  But sometimes, like in the case of injury or congenital deformity or even deforming diseases like arthritis, surgical intervention provides the most significant and lasting relief.

This is where we excel.  Using advanced techniques and the latest technology, we can have you back on your feet and peak performance usually within 4-8 weeks.  Conditions vary in severity and other health factors effect the rate of healing.

Foot surgery is successful and proven.  Many patients are able to get complete relief of their pain and limitations sometimes with relatively minor procedures.  Schedule your appointment today to discuss your treatment options with Dr. Fillinger.